Winter Whites

It used to be a horrible fashion faux pa to wear white after Labor Day – oh the embarrassment! 🙂 Lately, though, all-white looks are not only accepted, but considered “in”. I’ve always been a fan of wearing all white so I was super happy to see a bunch of other bloggers posting their “winter white” outfits, as well! There is something so clean and crisp about an all white look. It also gives you a perfect palate to pair with colorful accessories! Unfortunately for me, having a puppy means all white usually never stays all white, as my little Duke loves his snuggles and can never seem to keep his paws clean! The days when I do decide to wear white are so refreshing! It’s also such a classic look that shouldn’t just be reserved for the summertime. Why should summer have all the fun? I’m so happy that other people have jumped on the winter white bandwagon. Get ready to see more white posts to come!


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