Spring It On

There are so many wonderful things about springtime in Charleston. The wisteria comes alive, the jasmine surrounds the downtown historic homes, and all of the pretty blooms around town really start to come to life!

The one not so great thing? Allergies.

That’s why I’m excited to partner with Scotties Facial Tissues to show that you can continue to enjoy everything you love about spring, while also staying comfortable!

Allergy season here in Charleston is tough – not just on me but on Duke also! This year, in particular we are both suffering from sniffly, sneezing, AND runny noses. Thankfully Scotties not only has products that provide a soothing comfort for allergy-sufferers, but their new box designs also add a touch of spring style to your home! Scottie’s has done such a good job of creating boxes that are both functional and stylish and I love that their latest collection features beautiful florals and bright seasonal colors. They are definitely a staple in any home and I love that they fit seamlessly with my decor! So go ahead and add a little comfort to your home (without sacrificing your style!). Pro tip: don’t leave your dog alone with a box of tissues 🙂

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