New Home Essentials

Moving to a new city can be tough, but it makes it a whole lot easier if you come prepared with the essentials! See below for my must-haves when moving into a new place!

Photos of Friends and Family

To me, a home isn’t a home, without your loved ones. Since I couldn’t physically bring all my family and friends down to Charleston with me (believe me, I tried), photos were the next best thing. I’m actually lucky to have such amazing friends that they gifted me a digital frame at my going away party – it was even pre-stocked with photos of all of us!

Bar Cart

Making friends in a new city can be hard, but a good way to meet people is through entertaining! You can never go wrong as a hostess if you have a bar cart – mine is always stocked with fun little nick-nacks and candy and is also a great place to sneak in some more photos!

New mattress, sheets and pillows

You know that amazing feeling of snuggling up in warm sheets straight from the dryer? That’s how I wanted my new bed to feel all the time. I knew it was time for an upgrade, as I had been sleeping on the same mattress since high school. Instead of lugging and trying to pivot a full sized mattress into my new apt (any FRIENDS fans?) I was so happy to discover Casper! Not only are their mattresses extremely comfortable, but they come delivered in a box! Anything that makes my move slightly more manageable gets a star from me – everything about the mattress process was so easy and Duke and I are so happy with our choice!

Dog bed

Although admitedly Duke sleeps with me, during the day he really enjoys nestling into his dog bed when I’m at work. Just as we need to feel comfortable in our new home, so do our pets. Giving Duke his own space and own bed makes him feel like this new place is his home too.


As a blogger, it’s important for me to have a place to work, write, edit photos, etc. Since this apartment was going to be bigger than the one I had in NYC, I knew I wanted to invest in a place to work that wasn’t just my kitchen table. I came across a desk with a vanity mirror and outlet built right in and it was a blogger’s dream! I seriously do everything at this desk now – my makeup, my posts, it’s so perfect!


Now this may not be a necessity for everyone, but with the stress of moving to a new place, candles are my go-to for calming me down. I love to have them burning throughout the day (when I’m home of course) and then switch to some relaxing scents right before I go to bed. It just makes the whole apartment feel cozy and more homey to me!

Disclaimer: This post was made in partnership with Casper. No compensation or merchandise was given. All opinions are my own. 


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