A Charleston Snow Day

Apparently it snows only once every decade here in Charleston and I just happened to have moved at the right time. I’ve always thought Charleston was a beautiful city, and even more so since moving here and discovering all of its little gems, but let me just say that Charleston in the snow is absolutely magical. Being from New York, it’s crazy that the city completely shuts down when it snows here – it was as if time stopped. I drove downtown one of the first days everything was closed and except for a lone cross country skier (I wish I had my camera to capture it!) the streets were completely empty. It was truly a winter wonderland!

When it was safe enough to drive a little further, I made my way over to my friend Anne’s house (who btw is an incredible photographer) and had her snap a few outfits shots in the snow, since we didn’t know when in the near future we’d get this opportunity again!
Hope everyone stayed safe and warm during the snowpocalypse!

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