Dress your Desk

Who else looked forward to the multi-colored pens, color-coordinated binders and folders, and brand new, empty agendas that made up the first Staples run of the school year?! Who would love it even more if it didn’t involve the middle school awkward glory? Flash forward…(and while personally, our awkward years are far from over), we did have some fun picking out some cute accessories to brighten up a work space!


gold dot agenda | black stripe agenda | black spot agenda | pineapple agenda

colored pens | choose happy print | lip mug | pencil holder | good vibes only





Home Decor

Decorating your first apartment on your own can be a little daunting. What vibe am I going for? What do I want the room to look like? Will I like this in a few years? So many options! We’ve started by picking out some cute, fun accessories that are timeless and will look good throughout any home or apartment!


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